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Sallisaw News

Posted on: September 12, 2023

City Aquatic Facility Construction Delayed Due to Bid Amounts

Construction of the new Sallisaw aquatic facility has been delayed due to bid amounts being significantly higher than funds available for the project. The city has went through two rounds of bidding since June.

The city has went through two rounds of bidding since June.  The first bid resulted in no bids, while the second round received only two bids, both higher than the architect’s estimated construction costs.

 Keith Skelton, Sallisaw City Manager stated, “City staff is working diligently with our architect to identify design adjustments that will make the project cost more manageable.  The number of bids received, and the bid amounts, were not what we anticipated.  Unfortunately, the delay means we anticipate the pool facility will not be available until summer 2025.  Even with changes that will be made to the design, as well as other aspects of the project, we will still have a facility the community will be proud of.”

 At the September 11, 2023 Board of City Commissioners meeting,  city staff requested that the pool bids be rejected and bid again at a later date.   This request was approved.  At this time plans indicate the City will bid the project again in December.  



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