Terms of Service

Wiring: If you are a customer and live in a single unit dwelling, all inside wiring is your property.  If you live in a multiple unit dwelling or a commercial premises, wiring is not the property of the customer unless the wiring is purchased by the customer.  Ownership begins twelve (12) inches from where the wiring enters the outside of the customer’s premises.

Customer Electronics: As a customer, you agree DiamondNet is not responsible for the maintenance, operation, service or repair of any customer-owned equipment (television, computer, telephone or any device) connected to the services.

Equipment: In order to receive service, DiamondNet may issue set top converter devices or other equipment to you for delivery of services requested. This equipment is the property of DiamondNet (Sallisaw Municipal Authority) at all times.  You agree to be responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of any equipment issued to your residence for the receipt of services.  You the customer agree to reimburse DiamondNet (Sallisaw Municipal Authority) for the full cost of any equipment not returned in event service is discontinued by DiamondNet or cancelled by you the customer.

Access to Property: You as the customer agree to allow DiamondNet personnel the right to enter your property for the purpose of adjusting, repairing, replacing, maintaining, moving, auditing, or removing any equipment if necessary.  You also agree to allow access for the purpose of checking signal quality.  As a customer you should always ask for proper identification anytime a DiamondNet employee requests entry to your property.  If identification is not provided, do not allow access.

Parental Control: Parental Control features are available for your use with the DiamondNet video services.  As a parent or guardian, you are encouraged to use these features to filter or block video information that may not be appropriate for minors. These services are limited to the capabilities of the manufactures equipment.

Service Termination or Requests for Changes:  You should call 775-4151 should you decide to terminate, alter your services, move or make any other changes. This agreement can be cancelled any time you become dissatisfied with the telecom services provided by DiamondNet and the Sallisaw Municipal Authority. You as the customer agree to give DiamondNet at least three (3) days notice to discontinue service and the customer shall be liable for service taken until the service disconnect date. The final bill for service is due and payable immediately after the final bill is sent to the customer.

Disconnection of Services:  DiamondNet may disconnect and shutoff services to a customer for failure to pay bills which have been rendered, for violation of applicable rules and regulations, for safety purposes, and for fraud. DiamondNet may also disconnect the customer’s services if you: (a) make a false statement to DiamondNet; (b) interfere with DiamondNet services to other customers or businesses; (c) become insolvent or go bankrupt; (d) breach any part of this agreement; (e) DiamondNet believes your service is being misused or used by anyone for unlawful activity; or if (f) your use of service adversely affects the provisioning of service to other customers.  

Retail Use:  Service shall not be used by any customer for any purpose or in any place other than the unit stipulated in the Contract for Services and the uses stipulated in the schedule of rates.  Services supplied by DiamondNet may not be resold, on either a wholesale or retail basis, or used by any person other than the customer contracting with DiamondNet, except with prior written permission of DiamondNet.

Unauthorized Use:  As a customer, you may not use video services for commercial gain or public viewing unless specifically approved by DiamondNet.  Transmission, distribution or storage of any material, obtained via the network, in violation of any applicable law or regulation is prohibited.

Rates:  All rates and fees are subject to change, from time to time, by action of the Sallisaw Municipal Authority Board of Trustees.

Billing and Payments:  You the customer agree to pay all billings in a timely manner by the due dates printed on each billing statements.  You the customer understand that late payment fees will be accessed for all delinquent payments. 

Collections:  If your account is terminated and the balance is not paid within 30 days of termination, you the customer agree to pay any fees incurred in attempting to collect funds due on your past due account.

Continuity of Service: DiamondNet will use reasonable diligence to preserve, as nearly as possible, the continuity and availability of service provided to customers subject to:

  1. Acts of God or of a public enemy;
  2. Fires, severe weather, floods, earthquakes, natural disasters, explosions or other catastrophes;
  3. Embargos, epidemics or quarantine restrictions;
  4. Technical causes beyond the control of DiamondNet, including but not limited to, breakdown or failure of equipment and failure of outside communications capabilities interfacing or connecting with the network and Internet;
  5. Unauthorized, intentional and/or negligent acts constituting a network hazard, including, without limitation, computer viruses and attempts to overload computers or the network;
  6. Shortages of goods, labor strikes or slowdowns;
  7. Acts of the United States or any state or subdivision or instrumentality thereof, except DiamondNet.