About Us

 In late 2002, the City of Sallisaw began exploring options to bring a new telecommunications system to Sallisaw due to poor video and Internet services available in Sallisaw at the time.  In 2003, the Board of City Commissioners made the decision to finance a state-of-the-art fiber optic system that would bring Sallisaw into the modern age of telecommunications. Construction of the infrastructure began mid-2004. In February 2005, DiamondNet began technical trials, with services officially launching to the community by April 2005. 

Our broadband services consist of best-in-class video programming and content, including high-definition television, digital music, and internet packages up to 1Gb where available. DiamondNet even offers special telephone packages that provides a unique value for local and long-distance service. 

The first services of its kind in the State of Oklahoma, and one of only 31 municipally owned systems across the nation, at the time. DiamondNet has grown, both in subscribers and the ability to provide superior services. Today, DiamondNet serves over 3,000 customers with quality broadband services.  For more information on why cities are beginning to implement these types of services please visit the Fiber Broadband Association.

DiamondNet Facts

  • Owned and operated by the City of Sallisaw.
  • System is 100% fiber optic.
  • The first municipal owned fiber to the home system in Oklahoma. 
  • Operated by City of Sallisaw employees.
  • Hometown service and support.
  • City of Sallisaw employees provide after hours support services.
  • Reliable television service provided with the clarity of fiber optics.
  • High-Speed Internet.  Minimum residential service is 10 Mbps.
  • Over 240 HD channels.
  • Dependable phone services provided with a partnership with Momentum Telecom.
  • NFL Network and NFL Redzone.
  • No contracts required for service.
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