Virus & Spyware Info


Protection Information
As a valued customer of DiamondNet, we want you to be aware of the need for virus and spyware protection to be installed on your home and work computer systems. The internet contains a vast amount of information that is beneficial in our everyday lives and DiamondNet wants your experience in using the internet to be positive. 

Bandwidth Usage
We constantly monitor the bandwidth usage on the network to ensure that all customers can acquire the internet bandwidth they subscribe to.

Malicious Software
At DiamondNet, we strive to keep your internet service at a high level. To do this we must ensure that our network and the computers attached to it are free of malicious software. You the customer must be aware that you are responsible for ensuring your computer is protected from malicious software.

If we determine a computer related to your account is infected and causing problems on the DiamondNet network, we will disable your internet connection until the problem is corrected. The last thing we want is to disable an internet customer's access due to an infected computer connected to the DiamondNet network; however, under extreme circumstances disconnection will be required until the computer has been cleaned of all malicious software.