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Wave7 Optics
DiamondNet uses network equipment manufactured by Wave7 Optics. Wave7 Optics is a market leader in fiber to the premises (FTTP) optical access technology. The Wave7 architecture is deployed worldwide with the largest installed base of triple play optical network terminals in North America. Wave7 equipment delivers true triple play services, including high-speed data, carrier class voice services, and video, all across a single fiber to the customer premises.

Wave7 equipment is fully compliant with industry standard optics and data protocols. It delivers unparalleled symmetrical bandwidth of up to 500 Mbps, either dedicated or on-demand, across a 625Mbps optical link. The LML utilizes a flexible internet protocol (IP)-based optical Ethernet network with industry-leading quality-of-service management to allow seamless deployment of a Layer 3 data network. Layer 3 networks have emerged as the clear choice for the delivery of IP services for large-scale residential deployments. The hierarchical nature of a Layer 3 network allows seamless scaling of the network to provide many thousands of subscribers with multiple services.

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Fiber Advantages
Advanced fiber optic technology offers:
  • An ubiquitous network offering high-speed data, voice (telephone), and video (cable TV)
  • The ability to meet diverse customer requirements with one network
  • Greater security of data than copper or coax networks
  • Furthest reach in optical access for significant operational savings through simplified construction and deployment
  • Total network architecture flexibility
  • Per-port / per-application bandwidth management for SLA enforcement and prioritization of revenue-generating services
  • Support of peer-to-peer technologies and bandwidth intensive applications
  • A platform for integration with third-party billing and fault management systems