Customer Service Policy

Availability of Service
Telecommunication services provided by DiamondNet are available to all residents within the corporate limits of Sallisaw.

Application Requirements
New customers of DiamondNet are required to complete a request for service application prior to installation of services. Each applicant must complete the application in its entirety, providing all requested information.

Ownership of Property
All equipment issued by DiamondNet is the sole property of the City of Sallisaw. Equipment includes all necessary items installed in the customer’s home needed for the customer to receive DiamondNet services.

Access to Property
Customer agrees to allow DiamondNet personnel the right to enter your property for the purpose of installing, adjusting, repairing, replacing, maintaining, moving, auditing, or removing any equipment owned by the City of Sallisaw if necessary.

Parental Control
Parental Control features are available for the customer’s use with the DiamondNet digital video services. As a parent or guardian, the customer is encouraged to use these features to filter or block video information that may not be appropriate for minors. These services are limited to the capabilities of the manufactures equipment.

Billings and Payments
All DiamondNet billings are due by the 10th of each month. Late payment fees of 1.5% will be accessed to all delinquent accounts.

Service Terminations or Changes of Service
Customers must contact DiamondNet should they decide to terminate, alter services, move or make any other changes. A customer may cancel/terminate/change services at any time.
  • The customer should give DiamondNet at least 3 days notice to discontinue service and the customer shall be liable for service taken until the disconnect date. The final bill for service is due and payable immediately after the final bill is sent to the customer.
  • Return of Equipment: Any equipment placed in the customer’s home by DiamondNet in order to provide services must be returned to DiamondNet in good working order. Equipment returned that is unusable due to misuse, vandalism, or other failure to properly care for the equipment will have the value of the equipment charged to the customer’s account.

Disconnection of Services
DiamondNet may disconnect or fully terminate services to a customer for failure to pay billings for service, for violation of applicable rules and regulations, for safety purposes, and for fraud. DiamondNet may also disconnect or fully terminate the customer’s services if: (a) customer makes a false statement to DiamondNet; (b) interferes with DiamondNet services to other customers or businesses; (c) becomes insolvent or go bankrupt; (d) breaches any part of this agreement; (e) DiamondNet believes your service is being misused or used by anyone for unlawful activity; or if (f) the customer’s use of service adversely affects the provisioning of service to other customers.