High Definition

High-Definition Television (HDTV)
You've heard about high-definition television and now its available in Sallisaw from DiamondNet! With a high-definition capable television (HDTV), you can receive selected high definition programming. Subscription to a digital package is required to receive HDTV programming.

Motorola Dual-Tuner DVR High-Definition Set-Top
Get the most from your digital cable with the advanced dual-tuner digital video recorder (DVR) and high-definition television set-top that decodes, records, and plays in HD format.

The DVR features of the DCT6412 enable you to capture HDTV signals in a digital format. If the phone rings or you need to leave the room, you can simply pause the broadcast and resume watching when it's more convenient. An instant replay feature lets you quickly review what you just saw.

An integrated 120 GB hard drive lets you record up to an estimated 90 hours of standard digital TV or 12-20 hours of HDTV. You can maintain a personal library of your favorite programs to watch whenever it's convenient.